Oseox Monitoring is made for you!

You love to pamper your clients' websites?

You rack your brain on writing TITLE tags with fine tooth criteria? down to the pixel?

Have you fought sometimes several years to take the first position on Wikipedia or Amazon? And like us, you lose sanity when your hours of hard work along with your amazing results fly away in a puff of smoke following come external interference? URL in 1st modified position without redirection, partially disabled sites,massive deindexation, content duplication (ha… pre-prod...), blocage by robots.txt...?

Let's stop here before, it gets really painful.

The problem is that it is not humanly possible to realize immediately. Google passes ... and the damage is done! You know that it will take months to recover. And you also know that your client may not wait for months while you fix it. Imagine for a second, one of the top pages of your client changes without URL redirection or sends a header x-robots noindex tag and you do not realize it quickly!

Oseox Monitoring can supervise as of today the sites of all your customers.

As soon as your work is damaged, you get an email! You can notify your customers immediately. They will be astounded by your reactivity.

You will save your client's business and your job. You will save time every day as you do not to need to check everything regularly.

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