Oseox Monitoring is made for you!

Do you work for a website which SEO generates a significant daily revenue? As any website, yours is surely updated regularly. After each upload, how do you know whether any of your SEO optimizations have been impacted? Who takes charge of checking them?

You are well aware that the loss in terms of optimization or indexation can be substantial.

Do you have the ability, the desire or simply the time to check manually the source code and the HTTP headers each day?

To check some criteria is a tedious and often expensive task. You, your team or your SEO provider don’t have necessarily the time to check it constantly.

Moreover, it is impossible to efficiently monitor a large site manually.

It has to be automated.

Oseox Monitoring automatically monitors, on your behalf, the SEO key factors of your website several times a day.

You are automatically notified in case of changes. Can you afford not to monitor your site any longer?

I wish to monitor my seo